Passionate and committed Environmentalist with an in-depth knowledge in Environmental observation and testing techniques to enhance the proper regulation of the Natural landscape. Committed to utilizing such knowledge to identify hazards, propose and implement ways of mitigation and Adaptation by designing, monitoring and evaluating diverse developmental /environmental project. I transform real life basic and complex micro and macro projects which can be realized through community, institution or individual actions. I am highly enthusiastic, motivated, knowledgeable, creative, dependable, responsible, flexible, open-minded, inspirational, credible , visious with a high ability in initiating critical and strategic thinking and love discoveries through intensive and interactive research with peers as well as people with higher experience in domain.

Noms et prénomsChop Leonard Nkimih
Téléphone+237 678303242
GradeAssistant Researcher
Fonction/serviceDirection de Recherche
Domaine de rechercheClimatologie/ Biogeographie
LaboratoireLaboratoire de Recherche sur les changements climatiques

Publications scientifiques

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