Gabriel Cyrille NGUIJOI is a Cameroonian researcher.

Areas of interest: International Relations, Geopolitics, Geostrategy, Socio-strategy, (Sub)Regional Cooperation, Security Studies, Institutions and Governance, Security Intelligence, Socio-spatial Dynamics, Terrorism and Para-terrorism in Africa, Geographic Information…

He studied at the University of Yaoundé II where he is writing a Ph.D. thesis in Political Science. He has been working since 2018 at the National Institute of Cartography (INC) as a researcher and has been teaching at the Cameroonian Institute of Diplomatic and Strategic Studies (ICEDIS) since 2021.

His research work falls within the general context of the study of international and strategic relations. More specifically, (in)security dynamics, security issues, risks and challenges in Africa. The objective of his work is to identify perspectives that revive the facts, marking the evolution of security situations in Africa, strategic perspectives that highlight the risks and actors in local, national, transnational, regional, and cross-border as well as international spaces. His work is based on an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach that combines political science, geopolitics, geostrategy and political geography and allows for the identification of issues that take into account the geographical dimension of the (in)security object, as well as the actors in the planning and management of contemporary security policies.

His work has already been the subject of several scientific articles published at the national and international journals.

On the administrative level, he has been working at the Sub-Directorate of Budget, Accounting and Maintenance since 2021, where he is in charge of the preparation and management of the National Institute of Cartography’s budget.


Noms et prénomsGabriel Cyrille NGUIJOI
Téléphone+237 694607638
GradeChargé de recherche
FonctionService du Suivie de la Comptabilité Budgetaire
Domaine de rechercheScience Politique: Relations Internationales et Etudes Stratégiques (Géopolitique, Géostratégie, Etudes de Sécurité)
LaboratoireLaboratoire de Recherche sur les Villes et Campagnes

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